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Posted on July 12 2019

Good news for busy, stressed out or just plain laid-back guys — this season is all about keeping your hair free and super easy. "We’re going to see a decline in over-groomed 'dos, and a whole load of relaxed and easy-to-style looks taking their place," says Andy Middleton, barber at hair kings Ruffians in Covent Garden, who’s helped us predict and compile the five best haircuts for summer 2019. Take a look below, and choose a trending style that’ll look top drawer with zero effort this season.


The modern grunger

Worried that longer, lazier hair might earn you a stern warning from Carol in the HR department? Harry Styles suggests otherwise. His iconic mid-length cut looks killer atop both his classic scruffy Keith Richards 2.0 'fits and pin-sharp Gucci suiting. With 2019’s big trend for low-fi locks, Hazza proves you can absolutely rock the same 'do at your favorite fest and your stifling desk this summer. 

"Ask your barber to cut your hair in a square layer around the back and sides," Andy says. "You want the hairline to be soft and natural, so make sure they don't use the trimmers. Then, on top, you need a point cut to achieve maximum texture, and to leave the top disconnected from the sides to help achieve that messed up textured look."

All you need to do then is to ramp up the low-fi and worn-out look by scrunching some volume mousse by Johnny's Chop Shop into your hair and letting it dry naturally.
Five summer hairstyles


The textured crop

They say the classics never die, and even though we have no idea who “they” are, “they” were bang on the money when it comes to this short, choppy and textured topper. A fave of David Beckham, this summer the look is a top choice in the barber’s chair all over again.

"Yeah, it’s a barber’s bread and butter right now," says Andy. "The hardest thing is deciding how short you want to go, so chat through the length with your barber before they get to work. Then, they’ll need to point-cut the top for a natural texture and connect it to the back and sides to achieve its masculine shape."

If that natural texture needs a little help, a dust or paste by Murdock London should help, especially when using your fingers to flick your fringe away from your face or messing it up on your forehead.
Five summer hairstyles


The classic buzz

The ultimate summer get-up-and-go 'do as seen on hair god Zayn Malik, the buzz looks awesome all day long, even when you’ve slept through all five of your morning alarms. 

"It’s perfect for good weather," Andy says. "Ask your barber how short they think you should take the buzz as different lengths looks better on different clients. In some cases, taking the sides and back shorter than the top will create a better shape when it grows out — good news if you’re unlikely to be in the barber’s chair on the regular."

If you’re dead set on adding a little product to your super-short cut, a little grooming cream will add a stylish shine and add a touch of healthy moisture.
Five summer hairstyles


The beach bro

Although he’s at the center of the biggest beard news of the year so far, everyone’s favorite chin-wig-free Hawaiian Jason Momoa is still the poster boy of the more-popular-than-ever "fresh outta the ocean" surfer look too. 

Andy says: "We’re seeing a big resurgence of the boho beach look, as guys are growing their hair for a festival-ready rock star vibe. When it comes to taking your longer locks to the barber, start by asking them to get rid of the dead ends, and slowly cutting down until you reach a desired length you both agree works best. Then get some layers thrown in for the ultimate wave-rider image."

General maintenance for this look, as you’d expect, is super chill, bro. As soon as you step out of the shower, pump some sea salt spray like the one from Bumble and Bumble into your damp hair and allow to dry naturally for a wilder and wavier feel.
Five summer hairstyles


The tapered edge

Alright, yes, this isn’t a full-blown style in the strictest of terms, but as Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland have all proven, you’ll find the tapered edge finish to be the cornerstone of many trending 'dos this summer.

"With more guys experimenting with longer hair, tapering the hairline and edges makes their overall image less messy while allowing them to try out different shapes and styles," Andy tells us. 
"Your barber should ask what you’re looking to achieve with your tapered edges, so they can decide how soft of sharp to take them. Talking is the most important thing here."

Take your edges up a notch by adding some shine product from House 99 into your sides each morning. This’ll add a cool contrast between your edges and longer top.