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Posted on June 20 2019

In stark contrast to London, Milan Fashion Week Men’s was bathed in the sort of glorious sunshine that Italy’s fashion and design capital is famous for. And with another round of menswear shows comes another influx of suitably stylish gents for you to rinse ideas from for all your own sartorial summer gains. Expect vibrant shirts, relaxed suiting and a seriously strong sunglasses game.
Milan SS20 street style

Feeling blue

Milan’s tailoring game is really up there, and Fashion Week’s guests certainly delivered. Take the warm-weather, smart-casual co-ord above: it’s the summer party/overseas wedding look we’ve all been waiting for. Pared back for traversing Fashion Week with a matching T-shirt and high-top kicks, this guy's taken summer tailoring to new, laid-back territory. With a YSL cardholder and round sunglasses bringing this outfit together, it’s cobalt-cool personified.

Milan SS20 street style


Utilize your look

We probs don’t need to tell you by now but, in case you missed it, utility styles are key this season. The pocket-heavy, safari-esque vibe slides nicely into any summer wardrobe. Take this guy above, who proves that all-black-everything still has its place alongside the more vibrant hues of the season (we’ll get to those later). He's topped it off with a utility gilet – ideal for all those Fashion Week passes and after-party invites.

Milan SS20 street style


Make a point of prints

Yep, told you those vibrant hues would make an appearance. This stylish duo are serving up revere-collar realness, opting for shirts so good they look like they’ve just stepped off the set of 1996’s Romeo + Juliet (arguably the most important film for summer-shirt inspiration). With some checked trousers on the left and a plain, pleated style on the right, these chaps have proved that you don’t need to stick to your trusty black skinnies when you’re working with a hectic design up top.

Milan SS20 street style


Totally tonal

Along with the utility trend came a rise in muted colour choices, but beige doesn’t have to be boring. Just take the guy above: by choosing trousers that seamlessly match the sunset shades in his Harrington jacket, he’s concocted a style that taps into two contrasting colour schemes. Oh, and extra points for picking up a mesh jacket for the sun-drenched Milanese climate.

Milan fashion week SS20 street style

Classic cool

Monochrome looks may have taken a back seat in terms of this year’s biggest trends but the lad above, confidently striding down the Milan backstreets, is the perfect example of less is more. With a white over-shirt matching his Giorgio Armani logo tee, plus the soles and laces of those GA kicks, he’s proved that in a fashionscape ruled by bold hues and loud prints, sometimes it pays to revisit the classics.

Milan SS20 street style


One-piece wild

If you’re still left pondering how to work a statement animal print into a pub-garden outfit, you only need to look to these two street stylers for two ways to slip on the wild side. Revere-collar shirts are basically summer in a garment, so picking one up in a leopard finish is a one-piece win in terms of jumping on the hype. Alternatively, the chap on the right has opted for snake-print shorts, which may seem scary at first, but, as he effortlessly shows, paired with a simple tee and necklace combo can take animal print from ‘eyebrow raising’ to ‘catch us in these all summer long’.

Milan SS20 street style


Summer suiting 101

Tired of recycling your classic navy/grey/black suit with a white shirt for all your summer events? Well, thanks to the Milanese stylish set there’s the perfect alternative for all your formal functions right here. The trick to wearing printed shirts with a suit is to skimp on the accessories and let the print do the work for you. Find a design that matches your suit choice in terms of highlights to give your look a nice, contrasting edge. The only thing left to do from there is pick up some classic shades and find some summer-appropriate footwear. Espadrilles with a suit? Sure – after all, sometimes it’s more fun to break the rules.