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Posted on February 12 2021


ICYMI, Saved Items Boards are *the* failsafe way to flex your Clout Collection wants 👀 They’re super simple, too – just use our app to add your Saved Items to a Board, give it a name, then share! To show you how it works, we asked some of our fave TikTok stars to do exactly that for Valentine’s Day. Peep what @christianvierling, @itspierreboo@nickychampa and @hibiscusbabemel have in their Saved Items for some add-to-bag inspo👇🏽 How would you #SayItWithClout? 

Christian Vierling standing in a black suit jacket and satin red shirt, looking to the side| ASOS Style Feed

Picture: @christianvierling

Christian Vierling

What does a million TikTok followers say about you? In @christianvierling’s case, it means you’re funny as hell and have a 10/10 sense of style 💅 His Valentine’s Day Board is all about burgundy and pink tones, plus the perfect accessories – think industrial belts and snake-print boots. Timothée has entered the chat.

Tap for Christian’s Board 🙋‍♂‍
Nicky Champa smiling in a striped jumper | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: @nickychampa

Pierre sitting in a navy blue matching tracksuit and white trainers | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: @itspierreboo

Nicky & Pierre

Dating duo @nickychampa and @itspierreboo are known for their cute couple videos as much as they’re known for their luscious, luscious hair. Their joint Board screams cosy vibes with tons of borgs and fleeces, plus it’s packed with the date-night ‘fits. Who doesn’t love dressing up at home? Take note of that Clout Collection borg hoodie and ’gram-worthy satin striped shirt 

Tap for Nicky and Pierre’s Board 💘
Mel in a white crop top and purple trousers and smiling | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: @hibiscusbabemel

Mel Matias R

Mel, AKA @hibiscusbabemel on TikTok, is your go-to for tidbits of wisdom RE: things like dating, personal expression and fashion. As Mel says in this video, men can wear whatever they want – and yes, that includes earrings and nail polish, baby 👏 Expect to see a mix of picks from crop tops and jewellery to slippers and Western boots on his Valentine’s Day board. Add to bag? Yep.

Tap for Mel’s Board 🌺