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Posted on August 30 2019

We’re getting towards the end of the festival calendar but there’s still a few opportunities for loud music, friends and barely palatable warm beer. If you're partying your way into fall, what better chance is there to throw caution to the wind and cop a look that sees the event off with the bang it deserves? We’re talking OTT, guys. For a look to get you spotted (literally) in the crowd for surprise support slots (we’ve all seen that vid) and to help out when you’ve lost your mates for the 15th time, check out the get-up below. 
Of all the SS19 trends, there’s one that seems tailor-made for festival appearances: animal print. Where once it was reserved for '90s girl bands and soap stars, now everyone can channel their external spirit animal with sartorially-backed aplomb. And with Dries Van Noten and MSGM showcasing safari-esque prints during the SS20 shows, it’s safe to say we’ll all be going wild for another season at least.

For a full hedonistic approach, this shirt-and-shorts co-ord from Obey is serving up festival fun by the bucketload. The subversive colorway is a great start, setting you apart from the sea of leopard-loving counterparts while also tapping into the bolder color scheme of the season led by the neon revival. Sunglasses are pretty much festival uniform as they protect your peepers while cleverly disguising the fact you’ve had four hours sleep in the last three days too. For a day festival, some air-cushioned Nike Air Max will keep you dancing AM-PM no problem — but if you’re field-bound, some chunky boots or wellies are the most sensible switch-up. Trust us.