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Elevate Your Street Style with the 'Crawler' Full Zip Hoodie The Must-Have Addition to Your Wardrobe this Season

Posted on September 12 2023

Elevate Your Street Style with the 'Crawler' Full Zip Hoodie The Must-Have Addition to Your Wardrobe this Season

The Streetwear Revolution: Clout Collection

We've always been ahead of the game in street fashion, leading the revolution with a daring blend of style and function. But today, we're thrilled to announce a release that takes everything to the next level: the 'Crawler' Full Zip Hoodie with Textured Spider Embroidery.

Dare to Be Different: Product Highlights

Textured Spider Embroidery

Steer clear from the mundane with the show-stopping, textured spider embroidery. Exquisitely detailed, this artistic embellishment is not just a design but a statement, inviting you to embrace your unique sense of style.

Soft Horn Details on Hood

Attention to detail is everything. That's why we've added soft horn details to the hood, pushing the boundaries of traditional hoodie design and creating an unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Full-zip Design

Ease of wear meets functionality with the full-zip design, allowing you to showcase your layers or go for a more streamlined look.

Durable Stitching

Built to last, the 'Crawler' features durable stitching throughout its construction, ensuring longevity and enduring quality.

Comfort Like No Other

Our 100% superior-quality cotton fabric offers a soft, comfortable fit, allowing you to feel relaxed without compromising on style.

Size & Fit

The 'Crawler' Full Zip Hoodie offers a relaxed fit that is true to size, ensuring utmost comfort for all body types. To assist you in making the perfect choice, our size chart provides comprehensive measurements:

S 19.7 42.5 26 23.6
M 20.5 44.1 26.8 24
L 22 45.7 27.6 24.4
XL 22.8 47.2 28.3 24.8
XXL 23.6 48 29.1 25.2

Care Instructions

To maintain the hoodie's unique texture and vibrant color, simply machine wash according to the care label instructions.

Ready to Make a Statement?

This hoodie isn't just a piece of clothing—it's an experience. It's an invitation to step out of your comfort zone, to be seen, and to turn heads wherever you go.

For only $80.00 USD, elevate your streetwear game with the 'Crawler' Full Zip Hoodie. Limited quantities are available, so be sure to grab yours now!

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