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Posted on August 27 2019


Let’s all spare a thought for the chaps sweltering away in offices the world over. An environment definitely not suited to the standard shirt and tie combo. One saving grace, however, is the concept of casual Fridays. A chance to escape the regimented look in favor of something more casual (and more you), which is ultimately cooler in more ways than one. So, if your office is relaxing the rules a little, take a peep below for an outfit that's comfortable but still means business.

Let’s start with the top. Pinstripes will forever be an office staple but copping a striped polo keeps things a little more comfortable. Think of it as the slightly more laid-back equivalent to your work shirt, as suitable for the boardroom as your local come 5.01pm. Also, as buttons are a Mon-Fri thing for sure, opt for a zipped collar instead and loosen that bad boy up a notch as soon as you clock out.

Now, the trick to really nailing smart casual is keeping one aspect of your outfit 100% smart. This is where those pants come in: you could maybe get away with clean black denim, but tailored pants are actually a better shout for summer because of the lightweight, easy-breezy fabric. Sneakers might have warranted a cautionary email from a HR rep in the past, but times have changed. Opt for a triple white, black or gray colorway to keep your look safely in the smarter spectrum and save your neon-green adidas Ozweegos for the weekend. Talking of neutral shades, add a backpack in the same spectrum to keep the look understated and pleasingly tonal. Oh, and happy Friday.